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Whiplash Treatment Portland

Easing the Pain of Whiplash Injuries for Car Accident Victims

The chiropractors at Associated Physicians Inc., know how severely an auto accident can impact the body, especially the neck and back, which is why we take pride in managing these types of injuries thoroughly and empathetically. Providing complete care for acute trauma injuries requires not only expertise in chiropractic but an ability to put patients at ease.

If you have been involved in a traffic collision, it’s crucial to take immediate steps to prevent permanent injury from the impact. Whiplash symptoms start early but can sometimes take up to two days before fully developing.

Even collisions at 5-10 mph can injure the soft tissues in the neck.

Don’t let this often mistreated condition cause permanent immobilization or need for a cervical collar.

How whiplash injuries work

When a car is rear-ended, passengers don’t have time to react. The neck and head, because they are not restricted by a seatbelt, “whip” back and forth beyond their standard “speed limit” as well as beyond their standard range of motion. This combination shocks and quickly damages the already fragile neck structure.

The reason this injury takes so much time to develop is due to how inflammation builds up. Tiny breaches in the fragile neck ligaments cause muscles to tighten in response. And though this doesn’t feel pleasant, it’s the muscles’ way of protecting the damaged area further trauma.

Pay attention to these early whiplash symptoms:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Headache
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced-Range of Motion in Neck and Shoulders

Chiropractic Treatment Significantly Reduces Whiplash Recovery Time

During the weeks following the accident, it’s critical to maintain normal ranges of motion and proper alignment to avoid excessive buildup of scar tissue. Not doing so could lead to spinal degeneration and permanent limited mobility. With the support of informed self-care, precise chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and targeted exercises,  your body can rebuild the traumatized area quickly and effectively.

Whiplash, though very common, is a serious condition because it causes a potentially permanent dysfunction in the spinal joints and discs. One solution involves a proven treatment called spinal manipulation, where a chiropractic doctor gently corrects the position of the joint with an application of short thrusts into the direction of restriction. Since each whiplash case is different, sometimes we will choose to perform gentle stretches and pressure techniques on the trigger points to relieve pain associated with tightness in the muscles.

Avoid permanent disability from an auto injury. Contact our office for whiplash treatment today.

Our team of chiropractors, rehabilitation specialists, and massage therapists can help reduce your pain and correct your spinal structure with treatments that actually reduce future injuries from occurring.

There’s no need to suffer from whiplash any longer – schedule an appointment with us today. Our office building has plenty of free, off-street parking and is located in the Centennial Neighborhood of Southeast Portland, just a few blocks from Powell Butte Nature Park and Centennial High School.

Whiplash Chiropractic Treatment Portland

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