Comprehensive Services in Portland, OR

Musculoskeletal pain

Chiropractic Services

Through chiropractic adjustments, therapy and/or rehabilitation, we treat musculoskeletal pain from acute injury (i.e. auto accidents, injuries on the job, home accidents, etc), control of long term spinal pain and control of headaches.

Nerve Pain

Medical Weight Loss

Depending on the patient’s health and/or desires medical weight loss is carried out with prescription medications or natural means. Diet counseling is provided on a one-on-one basis. Prescription medication is often given as well as a natural appetite suppression.

Arm / Shoulder Pain

Physical Rehabilitation

Directed towards personal injury (automobile, Worker’s Comp.), physical rehabilitation is designed to strengthen the musculature supporting the ligaments and spine. In the long-term, physical rehabilitation enables the patient to stay pain-free.

Hip / Leg Pain

Medical Services

Specific to our personal injury patients, we provide medical services to address acute pain management due to injuries.

Sports Injuries

Massage Therapy

With a full-time massage therapist on staff, our patients experience massage therapy benefits that include relaxation of the muscle tissue, improved mobility, and decreased pain from motion.

Neck Injuries

Digital X-Rays

With digital and high-frequency equipment, we can take the highest quality radiographs with the lowest exposure to our patients.


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