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Why people come to Associated Physicians in Portland, OR…

  1. In addition to my proven results I treat every individual with specific treatments. Every person is unique and therefore every treatment we recommend is also unique.
  2. We combine modern treatments with the individual care that keeps our satisfied patients coming back to us throughout the years. Ask & see how our treatments can benefit you. Feel the difference of our personalized method & how it gives you relief.
  3. We have extensive experience treating injuries related to motor vehicle accidents and work related accidents. Every patient that walks in our door is examined and a treatment plan is developed based on their individual needs.

What you can expect as a new patient at Associated Physicians…

Our patients have experienced:

  • Immediate relief
  • More energy
  • Increased mobility
  • More vitality and productivity
  • Increased stamina through heightened flexibility and mobility
  • Happier lives from healthier bodies
  • Visit us to see and feel the benefits for yourself and your family

Individualized Treatments

With us, you benefit from our personalized approach. Since pain may be originating at a source distant from your immediate discomfort, we offer an examination that includes:

  • Detailed comprehensive history
  • Thorough Orthopedic and Neurological examination
  • Diagnostic spinal x-rays
  • Chiropractic adjustments focused for nervous system strength

Most Insurances Accepted

Insurance can be complicated. We specialize in making it easy for you. We will be happy to file insurance claims and verify benefits as a courtesy to you. Please bring all necessary insurance information with you on your first visit. We are happy to bill all traditional insurance plans.

Feel free to contact us with any questions pertaining to your insurance benefits at (971) 254-9988.

The path to being pain-free begins here (971) 254-9988

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