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Massage Therapist Portland

Our In-House Massage Therapist Offers Targeted Treatment

At Associated Physicians Inc., our chiropractors know that regular visits to a licensed massage therapist can provide chiropractic patients additional relief. This is why our office provides both services in one convenient location.

Having our massage therapist work in our office makes it easier for patients to coordinate their individual treatments and allows the two specialists to communicate easily about your care.

Our massage therapist approaches wellness from a unique chiropractic perspective, offering more than just relaxation. Your massage sessions will be structured around your goals regarding pain and tension, but the general types of massage therapy we offer include:

Find the Best Massage Therapy for Your Condition

Manual therapies (spinal manipulation, massage, and mobilization, for example) are highly beneficial in treating musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, migraines, and a variety of other conditions. Grounded in high-quality research, massage, in particular, is proven to treat and prevent ailments such as:

  • Poor circulation
  • Whiplash
  • Sensitive trigger points
  • Nervous system pressure

Experience the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

No matter what your body does all day, massage therapy can help with flexibility, reduced soreness and tension, and improved range of motion. Even if you’re healing from a sports injury, massage speeds up the recovery process by improving blood flow and breaking down adhesions.

Your massage therapist can work to break up swelling in the joints and muscle fibers so you can return to training sessions or competitions. And if you’re looking for enhanced performance or recovery from months of training, deep tissue massage helps to flush lactic acid from the muscles and lets oxygen and nutrients flow in more steadily.

We will take a survey of your medical history and perform a physical exam before scheduling an appointment with one of our massage therapists. And depending on your wellness goals, our chiropractor and massage therapist work in tandem to determine the best technique for your body.

For results you can feel, contact our Southeast Portland chiropractic and massage office today.

We are located in Southeast Portland just off of SE 168th. There is plenty of free, off-street parking, but if you like to take the bus, Tri-Met‘s 4-Division/Fessenden line has a stop just outside our door!

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