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Non-invasive Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Portland

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that affects the median nerve in the hand and wrist.

And it isn’t just a condition; its name actually refers to a channel that protects the median nerve and the tendons that allow your fingers to bend. Overuse or too much pressure on this area causes damage and pain.

An affordable and more effective alternative to carpal tunnel release surgery

Though this is commonly associated with computer work and improper positioning of the hands over a mouse and keyboard, heavy machine operators and assembly-line workers are more likely to develop this condition.

Many patients who suffer from carpal tunnel complain of numbness and tingling in the fingers as well as burning and weakness in the hand.

The chiropractors at Associated Physicians, Inc. understands the signs of many work-related injuries and can work with you to diagnose and treat your pain using advanced chiropractic techniques, not “routine” surgery.

Our methods involve considering the symptoms and treating the underlying problem. We consider medical history, your field of work, daily routine, and lifestyle before developing a personalized treatment plan.

Surgery for carpal tunnel is a costly, short-term solution at best.

Trigger point therapy is an effective and non-intrusive solution for the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel.

How Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Develop? Can I Prevent it?

Wrist and hand pain isn’t always related to repetitive motion at work. Other health conditions contribute to its development, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Hormone-related metabolic changes
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Wrist tendon inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Nerve interference in the spine

Prevention is possible, but not guaranteed for those whose work depends on applying repeated pressure on the hands and wrists. But conscious changes in routine, such as taking breaks, massage, and improved posture can help reduce the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel.

How does chiropractic work for wrist tendon inflammation?

Often, pain in the arms and wrists is related to misaligned muscles, bones, and ligaments in the neck, indicated by a limited range of motion. If the pain in the wrist and arm cannot be relieved by treating it directly, your chiropractor will also focus on the neck area as well.

From spinal adjustments, specialized exercises, lifestyle advice, and trigger point therapy, your chiropractor will find an evidence-based, holistic solution for your carpal tunnel.

We see the big picture, providing lasting solutions without surgery, splints, or medication.

Chiropractic is covered by most insurance plans. Call our Portland office when you’re ready to get started on your carpal tunnel relief.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Portland OR

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