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Back Pain Relief in Portland by Associated Physicians

Affordable Back Pain Treatment to Set Your Life Straight Again

Often back pain is caused by improper lifting or overexertion. However, it can also be caused by inactivity. Sitting in a desk chair in a static position for hours on end (and years on end) increases stress on the back, legs, and shoulders and puts pressure on the spinal discs and surrounding muscles. For a chiropractor in Portland to help you with back pain, contact Associated Physicians to help you find the right solutions.

Many of our patients at Associated Physicians complain of work-related discomfort ranging from aches in the low back to a radiating “tingling” in the leg.

Don’t wait to address the pain in your back with chiropractic care.

Evidence strongly supports this is the logical first choice when seeking care.

Detailed Chiropractic Exams to find the Source of Your Lower Back Pain

During our “work evaluation”, our patients receive care from both our medical doctor and chiropractors. The doctor will prescribe any necessary medication while a chiropractor will direct the physical component of your care.

A chiropractic examination is similar to a standard medical exam performed by a medical doctor. However, we focus on the structure of the spine and how minor adjustments can impact various parts of the body.

We will take a comprehensive medical history, perform a physical exam, and determine whether lab analysis or x-rays should be included in your treatment. Before your appointment with us, prepare by considering:

  • How long and how frequently the symptoms occur
  • If this is a sports-related injury
  • Terms to describe the sensations (throbbing, “pins and needles”, radiating, burning, etc.)
  • Location of the discomfort
  • What you’ve been doing to relieve the pain (stretching, sitting, pain medication)
  • If any movement makes the pain worse

Benefit from the proven effects of holistic spinal manipulation treatment

Additional benefits of seeking chiropractic services for work-related musculoskeletal injuries results in lower health care costs overall, a higher quality of life, lower reliance on medication, and higher long-term satisfaction. Spinal manipulation, as well as massage therapy, should be the first line of defense against most types of low back pain. At Associated Physicians, we have seen countless positive results from patients seeking to reduce debilitating back pain. And we are eager to help you join the ranks of our happy, healthy cases.

Avoid back-related disability with the right back pain exercises

After considering your family history, dietary and lifestyle habits, treatment history, occupational history and other areas, Dr. Lensgraf will put together a plan specifically tailored to your condition. But the treatment doesn’t stop after you leave our office. We will send you home with exercise recommendations that target your pain so you can continue treatment between visits.

Call our office today to get started on chiropractic treatment for back problems.

Living with back pain just isn’t necessary — solving it is within reach. We work with most insurance providers and always offer free consultations for new patients. Our office is conveniently located on Southeast Division St and 168th, near Regal Cinemas Division Street 13.

The path to being pain-free begins here (971) 254-9988

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